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Your First Sail

For first time sailors, it’s hard to imagine what to expect once you’re out on the water. So what do you take on your maiden sail? Firstly, make sure you wear comfortable shoes with a light, rubber sole, so you have a good grip on the deck. You should also bear in mind that it’s always a few degrees colder on the water than onshore, so in autumn and winter, comfortable wet weather pants and a waterproof jacket wouldn’t go amiss. As a rule, it’s better to have too many layers on than too few. In spring and summer comfortable shorts, a sport shirt or t-shirt and a spray jacket will suffice. Make sure to stay warm in cold conditions and cool in warm weather. It sounds very obvious, but it often gets overlooked. Less experienced sailors usually wait too long to either put extra layers on or to take them off. Remember that wet skin gets cold up to 30 times quicker than dry skin!

Protecting your head, eyes and skin are also very important when you’re sailing. Make sure you wear a cap and good quality sunglasses as the glare of the water is very damaging to your eyes. To protect your skin, apply sunscreen at least twice a day. It’s also crucial to drink plenty of water whilst sailing, as it’s very easy to get dehydrated.

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