There’s never a dull moment in sailing

Bouwe Bekking, a patron of our sailing school, turned his hobby sailing into a career. He’s is an eight time Volvo Ocean Race veteran, who skippered team Brunel in the last two episodes to a second and third place. He has also won numerous world titles and the Sydney to Hobart. This is why he loves sailing.

“I started sailing as a three year old at my sailing club, in a Dutch version of the Optimist. I quickly made the transition to other classes and started competing. I fell in love with that aspect of our sport. I made a very early transition to offshore sailing and eventually turned my hobby into a career.

Every race is different. The weather is always unpredictable, from extreme heat to bloody cold and from dead calm seas to battling monster waves. As soon as you think you’re 100 percent in control, something unexpected happens. There’s never a dull moment in sailing. No doubt you’ll make mistakes, but mistakes are the things you’ll learn the most from. As time goes by you’ll start to understand your boat better and, more importantly, become completely in control. This feeling is magical. Sailing is the greatest sport on earth and you’re part of it.”

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