Let’s Go Whale Watching

Sailing with whales in Sydney is an experience not to be missed! Every year, from May to September, thousands of Humpbacks and Southern Right whales migrate from the cold Antarctic to give birth to their calves in the warmer waters of the South Pacific.

During migration time about thirty Humpbacks pass the heads of Botany Bay every day. Most of the whales migrating are Humpbacks, but you can you also spot the odd Minke or Bryde whale, and let’s not forget all the other marine life like dolphins and seals.

The best way to spot Humpbacks in their natural habitat and up close, is by boat. AusSea Sailing offers a unique opportunity to sail with the whales. Disturbance is minimal and you get to enjoy this experience in a serene and eco-friendly way. Jump on board Renegade, a Swarbrick 111 in commercial survey, for an intimate and comfortable whale watching cruise on Botany Bay and the Tasman Sea.

However, if you’re not keen on a boat tour, there are some good spots to see whales from the Sydney shoreline. Some popular viewing places are Cape Solander in Botany Bay National Park, Cape Banks in La Perouse, Ben Buckler in Bondi and Magic Point in Maroubra.

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