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Five tips to get into sailing

Have you always wanted to give sailing a go but not quite sure how to get started? Here are five tips to ease you into our exciting sport.

  1. Sailing can be as free as the wind. You don’t have to buy a yacht to get out onto the water. There’s plenty of skippers around Sydney who are always looking for crew. All you need is a little time and the willingness to give it a shot.

  2. An even better way to get into sailing is by taking a sailing course. We are experts at introducing people to sailing through our discounted Try Sails. A Try Sail is a three hour lesson that gives people a taste of sailing and lets you see the way we teach. Obviously taking sailing lessons quickens the learning process considerably. This in turn makes you a very popular crew member as you’ll be able to do more jobs around the yacht.

  3. Choose calm, uncrowded waters to learn to sail. Our training ground is Botany Bay, south of Sydney. The Bay is perfect for novice sailors as it’s not as choppy and busy as Sydney Harbour. Our uncluttered waterways offer you the perfect opportunity to focus on the sailing side of things and not be distracted by so much traffic.

  4. Start in a small yacht, they are so much more responsive and manoeuvrable. You’ll also become more wind aware and in turn, improve your trimming skills.

  5. Practice, practice, practice – on the water. Sailing can’t be learned in a classroom or on your phone by watching YouTube clips. A good book like our Australian handbook Sail Like A PRO will complement your learning, but the only way to really master sailing, is by doing it in all kinds of conditions and situations.

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