Sydney’s Premier IYT Sailing School


Learn to sail in Sydney starts with AusSea Sailing School, Sydney’s premier IYT sailing school. AusSea Sailing School was started by Marc van Dinther in 2009. Marc remains the driving force behind the sailing school and with his patient and fun way of teaching he has introduced thousands of people to his favourite sport. He’s very serious about delivering quality sailing lessons, so much so he moved the school from busy, choppy Sydney Harbour to Botany Bay. This stretch of water, close to Sydney, Cronulla and Wollongong, is over two times the size of Sydney Harbour and a much better place to learn how to sail keelboats safely and confidently.

AusSea Sailing School is a proud partner of International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT), the global leader in sail training. This means that your sailing qualification is global, very useful if you are looking at chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean and the Pacific, where an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) is a requirement.

We offer a wide range of courses to suit everyone’s needs and budgets, from beginner courses to Day Skipper, spinnaker and offshore training up to IYT International Crew and IYT International Bareboat Skipper level (ICC). We operate 7 days a week, with multiple sessions a day.

Tailor-made training is also possible, as the courses of the various pathways can be booked separately. Alternatively, the Day Skipper pathway might be the one for you, which consists of level 1-3 & 5, leaving the Racing Course out.

If you are not 100% sure if sailing is your thing then the IYT Try Sail is the one for you. Come and join us for a fun and safe two hour sail on Kogarah Bay and Botany Bay to get a taste of sailing. If you’ve caught the bug and sign up for one of our keelboat courses in the same week as your IYT Try Sail, we’ll refund you the money spent on the Try Sail!




The International Crew pathway lays a solid foundation for the aspiring inshore and coastal sailor. It will teach you how to skipper, navigate and crew a yacht confidently and safely in sheltered and coastal waters. The International Crew courses will turn you into a good all-round sailor, with ample helming experience, solid boat handling skills and a good understanding of the various positions on a cruising and racing yacht – from helmsman to bowman. Successful completion leads to the International Crew certificate.

The International Crew pathway consists of three inshore levels, a racing component and an introduction to offshore sailing on a bigger yacht. The inshore training consists of IYT level 1-3 – Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level consists of four lessons of two hours and you will receive your Start Sailing pack with your first course. IYT level 1-3 is followed by a Offshore Introduction Course (IYT level 4) and a Racing Course (IYT level 5).

The Offshore Intro course (IYT level 4) is part of the International Crew training. This course will give you the chance to test your sea legs, you’ll learn about sea safety, how to prepare for an ocean trip and you’ll take your first steps as a coastal skipper and crew.

The Racing Course (IYT level 5) finalises the International Crew pathway, as it’s crucial to know how to fly a spinnaker, not just as a racer but also as a coastal cruiser. During this course we don’t only teach you the ins and outs of spinnaker sailing, but you’ll also be able to put it all into practice during a real spinnaker race. You’ll learn how to pack, hoist, gybe and douse a spinnaker and you’ll experience the different positions on a racing keelboat. On completion you’ll be race ready and through our yacht register, we’ll help you to find a suitable sailboat to crew on, whether it be on Botany Bay, Sydney Harbour, Port Hacking or Wollongong.


The International Crew pathway is a stepping-stone to obtaining the International Bareboat Skipper certificate, the International Certificate of Competency and VHF Marine Communications Master. These certificates will enable you to charter yachts up to 80 foot around the world.

The International Bareboat Skipper pathway consists of a return passage to Port Hacking (IYT level 6), a two day return passage to Sydney Harbour (IYT level 7) and a theory and practical assessment to wrap it all up. The Offshore Advanced Course is a full day course on Renegade during which we sail from Kogarah Bay to Port Hacking and back. Amongst other things, you’ll learn chart-work navigation and how to plot a safe coastal passage. During the International Bareboat Skipper Course you’ll step up as acting skipper and we’ll also cover passage planning, fuel, water and power management, navigation aids and overnight practices. A one-day assessment (practical and theory) finalises the International Bareboat Skipper pathway with the issue of IBS/ICC/VHF certificates if successful.


If you have lots of skipper experience and sea miles under your belt, it’s also possible to just do the IBS/ICC/VHF practical and theory exam. Proof of prior experience and sea time/miles is a requirement to sit for the one-day assessment. If you’re an experienced sailor, but have identified weaker areas, we are more than happy to discuss a pathway to bring you up to speed.


$10 per month
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  • Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Offshore Intro
$20 per month
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  • Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Offshore Intro
  • Racing Course
$50 per month
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  • International Crew
  • Offshore Advanced
  • International Bareboat
  • IYT Assessment
$69 per month
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  • Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Racing Course

Offshore Skipper

DAY Skipper

The Day Skipper pathway consists of Level 1-3 and our Offshore Intro Course (Level 4) and will set you up if you’re planning to sail a yacht on the East Coast. During this full day course on our offshore yacht you’ll sail a full day on the ocean, learn about safety at sea and crew and skipper a yacht offshore. Book the pathway all at once and you’ll get $200 off!

Bareboat Skipper


This overnight course onboard Renegade and a full day assessment complete the International Bareboat Skipper pathway. After passing a practical assessment and a VHF Marine Communications exam, you’ll be able to skipper a yacht <24 meters anywhere in the world. Book this pathway (Level 1-7) plus the assessment at the same time and receive a whopping $465 off!

Racing Crew


This course is for speed demons and cruisers alike, as spinnakers are an essential tool for passage making. During this course we’ll teach you how to pack, hoist, trim, gybe and drop a spinnaker while experiencing the different crew positions. We will also join a spinnaker race to put everything into practice. A free listing on our crew register is also part of this course. Book IYT Level 1-3 and the Racing course as a package and you’ll get a discount of $200!