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Learn to sail in Sydney starts with AusSea Sailing School, Sydney’s premier IYT sailing school. AusSea Sailing School is a proud partner of International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT), the global leader in sail training.

ICC Package

$3,900.00 $
This package includes: Level 1 – Keelboat Intro (4 x 2 hours) Level 2 – Keelboat Intermediate (4 x 2

Inshore Skipper Package

$1,935.00 $
This package includes: Level 1 – Keelboat Intro (4 x 2 hours) Level 2 – Keelboat Intermediate (4 x 2

Offshore Skipper Package

$2,580.00 $
This package includes: Level 1 – Keelboat Intro (4 x 2 hours) Level 2 – Keelboat Intermediate (4 x 2

Racing Package

$2,480.00 $
This package includes: Level 1 – Keelboat Intro (4x 2 hours) Level 2 – Keelboat Intermediate (4x 2 hours) Level
You can learn to sail in Sydney today! At the moment we run inshore lessons with small groups of up to three students. The Level 1-3 sail courses all consist of 4 sailing lessons of 2 hours, a start sailing pack with our book Sail Like A PRO. All the inshore sailing lessons are taught on Botany Bay, the best waters in Sydney to learn to sail.




  • Harriet Lily Merrony Avatar

    Very informative and great support! I have a lot of fun every time I go out sailing with Marc. If you're thinking of starting sailing, do it here

    Harriet Lily Merrony 14/10/15
    Priscila C Avatar

    5 star rating I loved the classes and learned a lot practicing. Everything starts to make sense when you're controlling the boat. I didn't understand much when I was reading about sailing on the internet. I got the point when I actually... read more

    Priscila C 27/10/16
    George Houridis Avatar

    Marc is a great instructor and has a lot of patience. As an experienced skipper, I can definitely say that Aussea teaches you the basics right through to the advanced topics.

    George Houridis 27/05/17
  • Christopher Nolen Avatar

    This would be the best training course I have ever done. Marc is a highly competent instructor with great support from Melodie.
    Being based on Botany Bay allows you to focus...
    read more

    Christopher Nolen 29/08/19
    Mark Woodhouse Avatar

    Marc is a passionate and experienced sailor but more importantly he knows how to teach sailing. He brings out your potential through practical no nonsense insights delivered in a very... read more

    Mark Woodhouse 05/10/20
    John Desouza Avatar

    Clear instructor, calm instructor, experienced instructor. I have done my level one with these guys with the open mind to change after the first group of lessons and have no... read more

    John Desouza 10/07/17
  • Alison Black Avatar

    positive review  Lovely instructor, Mark, very patient. Organising the day was very straightforward through Melodie.

    Alison Black 16/02/19
    Leila Thompson Avatar

    My husband and I did courses 1-3 with Marc over a period of 6 days. We were so impressed with his knowledge and his very effective teaching style. We learned... read more

    Leila Thompson 19/03/20
    Ton van Zanten Avatar

    Never saw someone sail like Marc. I calledd him the flyi g dutchman�

    Ton van Zanten 27/05/17
  • George Youssef Avatar

    Excellent way to learn to sail. Patient and experienced skipper, steerable boat, plenty of room in Botany Bay. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to sail or master... read more

    George Youssef 12/03/14
    Gregory Peckory Avatar

    positive review  Absolutely. Marc is very professional, experienced and a considerate teacher. Easily recommend the course. Loads of fun.

    Gregory Peckory 18/08/18
    Ryan Walshe Avatar

    What started as a journey with Marc and AusSea sailing in the hope of learning enough basics to safety navigate my way around an under prepared sailing charter to the... read more

    Ryan Walshe 26/11/19
  • Natasha Egan Avatar

    Wow. I am having the best time at this wonderful school. Marc is a great teacher, who teaches to the individuals, not just the group.
    My partner and I are...
    read more

    Natasha Egan 01/10/19
    Damian Dennett Avatar

    Marc's manner, knowledge and ability to teach is brilliant, one comment mentioned " genuine", couldn't agree more, he really does bring credibility to his profession. If you are contemplating lessons,... read more

    Damian Dennett 21/03/17
    Tony Brauer Avatar

    Love the way Marc runs his business and for his passion for sharing sailing with his clients.

    Tony Brauer 28/06/15
  • Al Garcia Avatar

    I started with Aussea having never sailed and took the introductory course through to the the bare boat skipper. I live on Sydney’s harbour but the thought of learning to... read more

    Al Garcia 05/12/20
    Daniel Stapleton Avatar

    positive review  Through Aussea I fulfilled my dream of learning to sail. A gift I’ll always be thankful for. Marc is a great teacher! I highly recommend them. You won’t regret it.

    Daniel Stapleton 25/01/19
    R Rix Avatar

    I had a great experience learning all aspects of sailing in quiet Botany Bay, away from the chaos of Sydney Harbour with its ferries, many recreational boats, race boats and... read more

    R Rix 14/04/21
  • Brian L Avatar

    5 star rating Great classes! - lots of practice! Came from the States and spent a week with Marc on the Level 1-4 and the Bareboat Skipper Course. Learned A LOT from a great instructor. From jibbing and tacking... read more

    Brian L 21/03/17
    Matthew Avenell Avatar

    From initial inquiry through to the ICC qualification in quick time, Marc and Melodie made scheduling around my availability a breeze. Marc's even temperament, patience and dry sense of humour... read more

    Matthew Avenell 05/12/19
    Paul in Sydney Aussie Avatar

    Enjoyed the sailing experience. Marc was friendly, patient & a great instructor. He has alot of knowledge about sailing & safety aboard boats. I would definitely recommend AusSea Sailing School... read more

    Paul in Sydney Aussie 27/08/20
  • Peta Nicholas Avatar

    My family and I did a lesson on Saturday morning, the teachers were great and we had an amazing time and learned a lot. I would 100% recommend to anyone... read more

    Peta Nicholas 01/02/21
    speery2016 Avatar

    5 star rating The only place to sail I am new to sailing and Marc at Aussea Sailing School has been apart of my journey from the very beginning. A fair and honest teacher full of knowledge and... read more

    speery2016 05/07/16
    Fred Smeaton Avatar

    My wife and I undertook sailing instruction from level 1 through to offshore and International certificate of competency with Marc at AusSea Sailing School. His ability to calmly pass on... read more

    Fred Smeaton 21/08/19
  • Harriet28Wales Avatar

    5 star rating This is place to start sailing!!! Very informative and great support! I have a lot of fun every time I sail with Marc. If you're thinking of starting sailing, do it here!!!

    Harriet28Wales 14/10/15
    Damien Mason Avatar

    Not surprisingly most of the reviews here have 1 or 2 reviews to their name - and are likely fakes. This place isn't terrible, but Marc's interpersonal skills aren't quite... read more

    Damien Mason 15/07/20
    Carl Wishneusky Avatar

    I had a terrific, informative and enjoyable week at Aussea recently, under the calm, capable and sure instructions of Marc. I can't recommend more highly this school for expert guidance... read more

    Carl Wishneusky 08/03/18
  • Peter Lee Avatar

    Marc is awesome! He's patient and will be able to teach even the most challenged student (i.e. me!)

    Peter Lee 27/10/14
    Daniel_Stapleton Avatar

    5 star rating Great Experience Through Aussea I fulfilled my dream of learning to sail. A gift I’ll always be thankful for. Marc is a great teacher! I highly recommend them. You won’t regret it.

    Daniel_Stapleton 24/01/19
    Jadranka Nappi Avatar

    Great school. I did up to the ICC and I enjoyed every single lesson. Marc is a great instructor, he passed on all his experience and he was clear, ready... read more

    Jadranka Nappi 20/08/19
  • Diver T Avatar

    5 star rating Just excellent From delivering our sailboat to her new home and the following lessons, Marc provided a totally custom fit package and tailored it perfectly. Extremely knowledgeable and relaxed, he knows how... read more

    Diver T 19/10/15
    Jacinta Wong Avatar

    Thank you AusSea for teaching us basic sailing skills. Our instructor, Mark, was very knowledgeable and highly experienced. Lessons were fun, engaging and hands-on.

    Jacinta Wong 23/12/17
    WeMadeIt Avatar

    4 star rating Aussea training is the best! Marc at Aussea training is a relaxed, patient, informative and very humorous trainer. I recommend Aussea training for value for money and Marc well informed in what path you want... read more

    WeMadeIt 19/08/15
  • Jon R Avatar

    An exceptional place to learn to sail. A strong focus on practical, on water learning with patient, highly experienced instruction.

    The courses build gradually based on the progress of the...
    read more

    Jon R 20/08/19
    Sarah Butler Avatar

    Marc and his team have been absolutley fantastic. Such an amazing teacher, very professional and gives you alot of help and skills to become an incredible sailor. Highly recommend this school.

    Sarah Butler 12/11/17
    Dean Adams Avatar

    Marc is truly an excellent instructor. Having been on many lessons with Marc I have watched him explain and teach sailing simply to people from all different walks of life.... read more

    Dean Adams 21/08/19
  • Misha Kaur Avatar

    We absolutely loved sailing with Marc! Great way to get to know how to sail with an extremely knowledgable, calm and genuinely friendly instructor.

    Melodie is extremely accommodating and easy...
    read more

    Misha Kaur 15/02/17
    James M Avatar

    5 star rating Awesome way to learn to sail Marc is a fantastic sailing instructor and makes sure his students are learning throughout the lessons. I completed the Level 1 to level 5 courses and absolutely loved them. Sailing... read more

    James M 20/04/16
    Stephen S Avatar

    5 star rating Sail Like a Pro If your keen to learn to sail not just watch, this is the one for you.Everyone is encouraged to participate with Captain Mark making sure you understand what you are doing.

    Stephen S 27/12/16
  • John Wilson Avatar

    Marc is a fantastic sailing teacher, he has a professional, effective and enjoyable training style. I have went from a define beginner to a good sailor over the last few... read more

    John Wilson 15/12/20
    Johanna Heanue Avatar

    I recently completed a number of courses with AusSea and highly recommend to anyone considering getting into sailing. I wasn’t sure how much I could commit to at the start... read more

    Johanna Heanue 07/04/20
    JoeWollongong Avatar

    5 star rating Sail Away! For the absolute best sailing school and expert instructor you just can't beat Marc van Dinther & Aussea Sailing School. Marc has bucket loads of patience, a great sense of... read more

    JoeWollongong 24/10/15
  • Jadina16 Avatar

    5 star rating “Living the dream starts here” Me, my boyfriend and my best friend completed the five levels up to the International Bareboat Skipper Course (Level 5) between September 2018 and January 2019. We started with an... read more

    Jadina16 20/01/19
    Guillaume Gros Avatar

    Marc was super easy to deal with, had an amazing time on the water and would love to it all over again.
    Fun but yet with a professional approach.
    If you're...
    read more

    Guillaume Gros 03/06/20
    MannyVee Avatar

    5 star rating Lessons Had my first sailing lesson today, 02/05/2016 and had a great day. Thank you Mark, great company to learn with, fantastic.

    MannyVee 02/05/16
  • PFS Group Avatar

    Marcs ability at sharing his vast sailing knowledge with his students is invaluable. Marc recognizes exactly where you are in your sailing capability and manages to increase your knowledge by... read more

    PFS Group 07/04/20
    Tom Molyneaux Avatar

    It feels like more than 4 weeks ago that I was dodging boats and bouys in Botany Bay and then sailing up to Sydney to dodge ferries, 18 footers ... read more

    Tom Molyneaux 15/04/20
    Nisha Kanthan Avatar

    Highly recommend these guys for all your sailing needs. Marc is very knowledgeable and able to pass on his knowledge in a simple and meaningful way. Being on the water... read more

    Nisha Kanthan 03/06/20
  • Tser-Lih Low Avatar

    Did a short introductory course with aussea 6 years ago. From what I remember it was fairly enjoyable. Marc is very direct and no-nonsense, but at the same time also... read more

    Tser-Lih Low 25/03/21
    Khaled Altoukhi Avatar

    Marc is a great guy, superb instructor who knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend aussea sailing for anyone who wants to learn and wants to enjoy it. It is... read more

    Khaled Altoukhi 17/09/20
    Brian Lo Avatar

    Came from the States and spent a week with Marc on the Level 1-4 and the Bareboat Skipper Course. Learned A LOT from a great instructor. From jibbing and tacking... read more

    Brian Lo 21/03/17
  • Sarah Butler Avatar

    I have attended all of the sailing courses offered by AusSea Sail. Marc has always been a great teacher who has been very encouraging and throughly professional. I feel as... read more

    Sarah Butler 20/08/19
    James Morgan Avatar

    Aussea sailing school has taken me from an absolute novice to competent inshore skipper in just a few months. Highly recommend this school. Great boats, perfect location and patient teachers... read more

    James Morgan 10/04/14


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